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Regal Properties Starts 2016 with a Bang!

As of the beginning of February, Regal Properties has already sold 3 commercial real estate projects, each in a different sector and state. The first, a retail center in Columbus, Indiana, included Starbucks and AnyTime Fitness tenants, with a selling price of $2,325,000. The second, an office property in Poway, California, included medical, chiropractic and optometrist tenants, with a closing price of $2,300,000.  The third, an industrial property, in Conroe, Texas, leased by a manufacturing company, sold for $1,250,000.  Additionally, Regal Properties has opened escrows on 2 retail properties in Oceanside, California and Tucson, Arizona, with combined pricing of approximately $11,000,000. Not a bad start for RP’s commercial real estate division and for the charities it sponsors by donating 10% of its commissions and fees.

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