Commercial Real Estate Investing Guide (100% of the proceeds go to Charity!)

Learn How to Identify, Evaluate and Acquire Commercial Real Estate with this Step-by-Step Guide

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In a concise and clearly described method, Larry Murnane imparts, with concrete examples and illustrations, how to identify, evaluate, and safely and intelligently purchase any type of commercial real estate (e.g., apartments, retail centers, office and industrial buildings) for investment — even if you have no real estate experience and limited capital. Larry explains how to find properties that fit your specific investment criteria, and how to analyze their value and the expected returns on investment, including monthly cash flow.  He walks you through the actual process for making an offer, opening escrow, conducting a thorough due diligence investigation of the property, and obtaining financing; and he shares invaluable tips concerning pre-closing and post-closing strategies and procedures.  After reading this guide, anyone can begin taking immediate steps toward commercial real estate ownership and income streams for life.

Download the Guide for $5.00 (100% of proceeds go to charity.)