EB-5 Investment Opportunities

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Congress established the EB-5 program in 1990 to stimulate the American economy by attracting investments from qualified foreign investors. Under the program, each investor is required to demonstrate at least 10 new jobs are created or saved as a result of the EB-5 investment — which must be a minimum of $1 million (or $500,000 if the funds are invested in certain high-unemployment or rural areas).  In 1992, Congress enhanced the economic impact of the EB-5 program by permitting the designation of Regional Centers to pool EB-5 capital from multiple foreign investors for investment in USCIS-approved economic development projects within a defined geographic region. Today, 95 percent of all EB-5 capital is raised and invested by Regional Centers, which can be publicly owned, (e.g. by a city, state, or regional economic development agency), privately owned, or be a public-private partnership. All investment offerings made by EB-5 Regional Centers are subject to U.S. securities laws.  Types of EB-5 projects include: mixed use retail, hotels, restaurants, stadiums, office buildings and entertainment venues, among other things. For more information about EB-5 investment opportunities, contact Regal Properties.