Testing Positive for the Coronavirus

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Here’s how we can all test positive for the coronavirus:

  1. Recognize the coronavirus demonstrates how CONNECTED we all are, regardless of country, race, religion, gender, sexuality, social-economic status and political affiliation.  We are all connected by our humanity, our health, biology, genetics, spirituality, shared planet, and our individual need for compassion, empathy, love, understanding, nourishment and healing.
  • Welcome this reprieve from daily routines, by relaxing, bonding, healing, meditating, communicating with the divine, contemplating, re-examining and possibly re-charting a course.
  • Find some positives, benefits and meaning from this pandemic, which can continue to promote personal growth and enhance your life, health, relationships and overall happiness for years to come, such as dedicating certain times of the day for family bonding, meditation or reading; or adopting some new exercise and nutrition habits; expanding your perspective from national issues to global issues;  prioritizing and allocating time for the most important people and passions in your life; and always searching for the beauty, humor, splendor and love in every place and situation.

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